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Each month, I will try to add 10 items of interest usually not found in your normal reading about the American Civil War or in your High School or College history books. This and other trivia can be found in the Civil War Fact Book by Rod Gragg.

21. Confederate President Jefferson Davis and U.S President Abraham Lincoln were both born in Kentucky, barely 100 miles apart and within eight months of each other.

22. The Medal of Honor, the highest decoration awarded members of the U.S Military, was created by the U.S Congress in December 1861as an award for Union naval enlisted men only; not until July 1862 were army troops authorized to receive the medal.

23. The official name of the infamous Andersonville Prison, which claimed the lives of 13,000 Union prisoners of war, was Camp Sumter.

24. After her release from a Washington prison, Confederate spy Rose Greenhow, went to Europe. On her return to the south, she drowned when her ship ran aground off Fort Fisher, near Wilmington, North Carolina.

25. Southern educater Nicola Marshall designed the first official Confederate flag, the stars and bars, in early 1861.

26. The official name of the American Civil War was the War of the Rebellion.

27. Rhode Island was the first state to issue the call for black troops in the Civil War.

28. The most common prewar profession of Confederate Generals were Lawyers or Judges.

29. New Hampshire balloonist Thaddeus S. Lowe, who became famous for his military use of balloons with the Union Armies, was arrested and temporarily imprisoned as a yankee spy in South Carolina in 1861 when, on a test flight from Ohio, his balloon landed in South Carolina shortly after the fall of Fort Sumter.

30. The biggest killer in the American Civil War was not combat but disease. Of the 623,026 soldiers who died in the war, an estimated 388,580, 62%, died of disease. The leading cause of death on both sides was diarrhea, followed by typhoid, typhus and malarial fevers, pneumonia, smallpox and measles.

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