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Search Tips

Best Method: Using the Category Search will usually give you the most comprehensive search results. This is because the word you use to describe an item may differ from the one in the database used to describe the same item. For instance, what you may call a "sword" might be referred to as a "saber" by someone else. However, both "saber" and "sword" will be found under the search category of Edged Weapons.

Alternate Method: Using the Keyword Search is helpful for reducing the number of records you'll usually find through the Category Search. We suggest you use the Category Search first to see what terms are used in that category, and then use those terms in the Keyword Search if you want to narrow your results.

If you can't find what you're looking for: Remember that many items are very unique and you may need to try different search variations for the best results. Try the "Miscellaneous" search category if you can't find a specific item, or try some other categories or different keyword searches.

Images: If you see "Yes" in the Image column that means an image of that item is available.

Sorting: You can sort your results in Ascending or Descending order by clicking on the column heading in the category you want to sort. Click once to sort one way; click again to reverse the sort order.

Don't know what it is? Need to identify an item before you use the Civil War Price Guide? Try our ASK THE EXPERTS page.

Important Information About Your Search Results


It is vital that you understand the meaning and importance of the terms "Condition" and "Realized Price".

Condition: An item's condition as reported in this guide is provided by the seller. Please bear in mind that there is no standardized grading system for most items, and even when there is (as in the case of coins and currency,) not everyone will agree with the opinion of the grader. What one person may describe as "excellent", another may describe as "very good." grading terminology may differ as well; some may assign a number or letter grade. Still, the stated condition is useful as a general indication of where the item fits on the subjective grading scale.

Realized Price: "Realized Price" usually reflects the lowest amount that the seller was willing to sell the item for and the highest price that the buyer was willing to pay for that item. In those cases where the sale was completed by mail, the buyer usually pays additional shipping and handling charges. If the purchase was made at a retail store, the buyer usually has paid sales tax in addition to the purchase price.


Please keep in mind that even though an item had a detailed description, clear photographs and was reported as sold, we cannot guarantee that the item is authentic or that money and merchandise actually changed hands. Every attempt is made to screen every completed sale for fakes and reproduced items. When found, these items are never entered into the database. In addition, many historical items are one-of-a kind or very limited in number. They may enter the market place only on rare occasions and the dates of sale and numbers offered in the database will reflect that. All information in CivilWarPriceGuide.comís database should be used as a guide and for reference purposes only. If in doubt about an item's value it may be wise to consult a specialist appraiser or get opinions from a number of different dealers. Never rely on the opinion of someone who is trying to sell you an item or buy it from you. Ultimately, the final decision to buy or sell an item at a specified price should be your decision and yours alone.


Anyone who buys and sells Civil War Collectibles knows the importance of having readily available reference material pertaining to their particular field of interest. No reference resource is infallible, and no one reference resource can legitimately claim to be the only one you'll need. We are not attempting to replace the many excellent available reference materials but rather to supplement their effectiveness. Our aim is to provide you with good, highly relevant sales data that is not easily accessible from other sources. We hope it proves useful to you when trying to decide whether or not to buy or sell a particular item.

All Civil War Painting Graphics displayed on this site are provided courtesy of
Don Troiani Historical Art Prints

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