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The following links are provided for additional reference, to aid in your research of the Civil War and to make you aware of the many Organizations, Museums and Battlefields that are available to you. This Links page will be updated on a regular basis. As new sites of interest are found, they will be added to the list. If you have a non-commercial site that you would like to see added, find a link that is broken or would just like to make a comment or suggestion, please email me at

Arms and Equipment

Civil War Medical Antiques

Civil War Bullets

Weapons of the Civil War

Civil War Artillery

Civil War Medical Instrument Makers and their Identification

Civil War Sword Makers and Marks

Flags of the Confederacy

The U.S Flag during the Civil War

Battles and Battlefields

Battlefield Summaries

Battle Summaries by State

A Chronological List of Civil War Battles

Crisis at Fort Sumter

List of National Battlefield Sites-National Park Service

Gettysburg National Military Park

Civil War Shows and Events

Civil War Show Database

Civil War Prisons

Civil War Prisons and Prisoners

Andersonville Prison Database-National Park Service

Andersonville Prison

Andersonville Prison-A Historical Background

Camp Chase

Elmira Prison Camp

Cahaba Federal Prison

Fort Delaware

Salisbury Confederate Prison

Point Lookout Prison Camp, Maryland

Letters and Documents

Constitution of the Confederate States of America

Emancipation Proclamation-National Archives

Lincoln Assassination Report-National Archives

The Pearce Civil War Document Collection

Civil War Love Letters

Letters, Telegrams and Documents-National Archives

Civil War Maps

Civil War Letters of Galutia York


Civil War Rosters from All States

Genealogy and the American Civil War

Civil War Records-National Archives

How to order Veterans Military and Pension Records from the National Archives

General Information

Fantasies, Fakes and Reproduced Civil War Items

Civil War Collectorís Database-Fake Items

American Civil War Resources

The American Civil War Homepage

Causes of the Civil War

Corps Badges

Civil War Battlefield Medicine

Tax Stamps

The History Place-The U.S Civil War 1861-1865

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Civil War Women

The Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln Research Site

Lincolnís War Cabinet

The United States Sanitary Commission

The United States Civil War Center

Money during the Civil War

Union Currency

Confederate Currency, Coins, Stamps and Bonds

Civil War Rank Insignia

Civil War Pay

The Sinking of the Sultana

Regulations for the Army of the United States 1861

Civil War Field Fortifications

Civil War Slang

Civil War Vocabulary

This Week in the Civil War

Museums and Historical Sites

Abraham Lincolnís Birthplace

The Lincoln Memorial

Grand Army of the Republic Museum and Library

Kennesaw Civil War Museum

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Fordís Theatre

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Joshua L. Chamberlain Museum

Museum of the Confederacy

Civil War Soldierís Museum

Wisconsin Veteranís Museum


North Virginia Relic Hunters Association


American Battlefield Protection Program-National Park Service

The Civil War Trust

Central Virginia Battlefields Trust

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Union Veterans

Photographs and Drawings

Library of Congress

Photos of Mathew Brady-National Archives

American Civil War Generals-1,000 Pictures

Edward L. Henry-Civil War Drawings

U.S Civil War Photographs

Ulysses S. Grant Photo Gallery

Images of the Civil War-National Archives


Life Stories of Civil War Heroes

Colored Troops in the Civil War

General Officers of the Civil War

Jews in the Civil War

The Civil War Career of Tom Custer

The Story of One Union Soldier

A Yankee Prisoner in Texas

2nd Lieutenant Thomas B. Reeves, 10th Indiana Cavalry

General Ulysses S. Grant

General Philip H. Sheridan

Tom Chamberlain, My Brave Young Brother

Brig. General Louis A. Armistead

General Edward A. Johnson

Brig. General William T. Wofford

General John H. Morgan

General Samuel Cooper

State Information






New York









North Carolina


South Carolina


Border States


West Virginia

Unit and Regiment Information
Civil War Unit Bibliographies

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