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Collecting Civil War memorabilia began as soon as the war started. Even then people realized the great historical, political and emotional influence the War Between the States would have on the nation for hundreds of years to come. The interest in acquiring authentic relics of that dramatic flash point in American history has continued unabated to this day. Prices for authentic artifacts of that era have climbed steadily over the years as knowledgeable collectors (and some lucky amateurs) snap up genuine items for their collections, taking more and more material out of circulation.

An "insiders" knowledge of current market values is crucial for anyone who wants to buy or sell Civil War collectibles without making some serious (and potentially expensive!) mistakes.

Unlike printed price guides that provide generic descriptions and estimates of value, lists thousands of specific items with actual prices derived from sales records or dealer's asking prices. This provides the user with more specific, accurate market information to help guide decisions on buying and selling. Although records of past sales cannot predict future values, they do provide the best means of determining how much an item is worth in today's market.

This Site's History (originally named was founded in 2000 by Robert Weaver, an active collector of Civil War memorabilia. In 1999 he had begun tracking sales data for thousands of Civil War items, gathering information from on-line auction sites, live auctions, dealer catalogs and his personal contacts in the field. Over the next three years, after thousands of hours of research and data entry, he amassed a valuable database of 7,300 sales records which he made available online through his website The site, originally designed and webmastered by Eric Skinner of, soon became a favorite resource of Civil War dealers and collectors.

In 2003, Robert contracted with eCollectica Publishing to take over the ongoing data collection, web publishing, and day to day operations of eCollectica was already providing a similar service in the field of Antique Clocks with its Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide Online. Its popular site,, provides antique clock dealers, collectors and appraisers with sales data for more than 9,300 clocks, accompanied by more than 14,000 color photos. The partnership allows Robert to carry forward his vision of a unique, ever expanding price guide to Civil War memorabilia while stepping back from the tedious process of data collection and data entry.

Robert continues to act as "resident expert" and consultant to You can direct any questions you may have for him by emailing

All Civil War Painting Graphics displayed on this site are provided courtesy of
Don Troiani Historical Art Prints

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